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Floating Boots offers a 90-day repair or replacement warranty (from the date of purchase) for all products manufactured under the Floating Boots brand.

Please note that all the parts that make up Floating Boots are easily replaceable and most repairs can be easily done with simple tools.

Return and handling expenses will be covered by Floating Boots in the case of an approved claim. Contact your distributor directly to process your guarantee. Returns that have not been previously approved are not accepted.

Exclusions from this guarantee; normal wear and tear of the boot by use, wear caused by the use of the boot on shod hooves, wear by misuse or abuse, wear or tear caused by overreach, boots exposed to corrosive surfaces, boots that have been modified by the user, damage caused by an incorrect size, fit or use, boots purchased second-hand.

* Accompanied by your purchase invoice

To proceed with a GUARANTEE, contact us by email at  We will reply with an estimated time for the process and instructions explaining how to return the original order.

Any guarantee that have not been previously approved by Floating Boots Store will not be processed.


Para solicitar una garantía ponte en contacto con nosotros en el email , y te contestaremos explicándote qué es lo que debes hacer con el producto, así como el tiempo estimado del proceso.

No se tramitará ninguna garantía  que no haya sido previamente consultada y aprobada por Floating Boots Store.

* Conserva tu factura de compra para ejecutar cualquier garantía.